Barnabys Chase is on Patreon!

Hi everyone! I've noticed this page got more popular post Kickstarter. The original intent of this demo was to help sell our proof of concept to Kickstarter roughly 2 years ago. Thus, its a little out of date. I know our game is doing the rounds over on Youtube, hence the increase in downloads here, but a lot of people keep asking for the Barnaby Chase Sequence.  Barnaby's Chase sequence can be found on our Patreon on the 5$ tier, it is sadly not free like this build was. I should also add this does not get you a copy of the game. However, we will be updating the Patreon build with new gameplay, you also get access to behind the scenes content such as new cutscenes, concept art and environmental soundtrack releases. If that doesn't interest you, keep an eye on our project from afar, and I hope to see you on launch day when its ready to buy! 


Get Billie Bust Up! Kickstarter Demo


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i just signed up so i could get the barnaby chase but i keep downloading the billie bust up game with fantoccio





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can you unban me from your discord a admin banned me on purpose my username is cubesolver123 please text me to continue please i love your game 

pls reply or comment on my  billie bust up vids here my channel Tyler! - YouTube

i no wanna pay for barnaby chase


to bad

It there any to just buy the Patron build of the game as one done payment as I don't want to subscribe to a tier as I may forget I still paying y for  monthly where I find I don't get ever monthly money worth get use out of it or just forget and pay for a month I don't use?

Please any more than £/$5 for the Patron build at current time is worth since I could watch gameplay for free.

Thank 😇

pa cuanto en stea


Fuck you for removing the banarby chase

Bring it back or ill report you


we didn't remove it, it was never in this build, we uploaded it years ago and just haven't removed it 

Billie bust up, Where do i get the Barnaby chase at? If you have time please reply.

Also how do i send a dm?

can you please add to cromebook plz

bit rude

vete a la velga 😈